Athletic Programs

Our athletic program is designed to encourage local youth to recognize and foster their enthusiasm for scholarship and physical fitness, to promote the development of stronger character, and to encourage positive leadership and to cultivate responsible citizenship through service of The Utica Center for Development. Our athletic program offers our newly renovated gymnasium, racquetball courts, and workout room. Members of the athletic program have the ability to utilize these spaces and participate in events held through our athletics program.

Each member of the athletic program must complete a packet prior to renting out the gym or racquetball courts.

Hard Work Pays Off Program (Coming Soon): To promote a holistic approach to a healthy community through quality educational, recreational, and wellness programs through our facilities.

To rent the gymnasium or café for an event please contact:

Christina Wasielewski
Human Resoure Administrator
315-765-0975 Ext. 219

Please help support our local community, and those who have served and continue to serve our country.

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